Bellringing Books
Steve Coleman

These beautifully bound and printed, hardback books each contain 430 pages
of advice, information and help, all written in Steve's easy-to-read, enjoyable
and exceptionally clear style.

This is a picture of The Bellringer's Bedside Companion

The Bellringer's Early Companion

The Bellringer's Bedside Companion

The Method Ringer's Companion

The Bob Caller's Companion


14.95 each. (Post free, UK & Surface Mail)
from Sue Coleman, 46 Byfords Road, Huntley, Glos. GL19 3EL.
Or telephone 01452 831197 or email.

Discounts (any combination of books): 10% 3 books or more, 20% 5 books or more.

Airmail: Please phone or email for the latest prices but from April 2008 the cost is an extra 7.80 for each book. Sorry this is so much but this is the extra it costs us to send each book. There's no extra to pay for surface mail.

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What Others Have Said

"At last a writer who knows how I feel and who really cares."
"When I mess something up I go back home and read the chapter and know that Steve understands. It's like listening to a friend"
"If only I'd had this books 20 years ago."
"Everything is explained so clearly ... I've recommended it to the whole band."
"Absolutley fascinating. A whole world of information that no-one ever told me about before."
"For my money it's the best ringing book ever written."
"The extraordinary thing is that it's not just helpful, it's fun. My wife and I keep reading bits out to each other."
" ... so well written and so funny. My children keep asking what I'm laughing about."

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Steve is setting up a question and answer page on subjects that are either topical or are bothering ringers at the moment

Link to Pam Copson website - the site of the "One-per-Learner Book", etc

Link to Roger Bailey's Ringing Resources website

Link to G&B - The Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers website

Link to Whites - The Whites of Appleton website who rehung our bells at Littledean.

Link to Whitechapel - The Whitechapel Bell Foundry website where Littledean's two new trebles were cast and the original six were retuned.

This page last amended 15 November 2008. For more more up-to-date information see RingingBooks